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Aug 11th:
Wallpaper & sounds in Kiryuu section.
Screensnaps for ep3-5 up.
Shao skin up.
Aug 3rd:
New skin up.
July 29th:
New skin up

All the scans on this page were done by me. Please do not take them for your site. They took a very long time to do, and are for personal use only.

Any manga translations on this site are done by me as well. Any helpers are credited (Yay, Set!!! Arigatou!). They are free for your own personal use only.

My favorite character is Kiryuu, so you'll find more Kiryuu oriented things than any of the others. Though I like Shao and Tasuke, I have issues with Ruan...

I own none of the shows/characters contained within this page and if any of said owners wish the representations of their work to be removed it shall be done immediately.

This site looks best on IE, and any resolution, as I create them on my 640x480 monitor :p heh heh...
It looks ok in Netscape but there's a couple features that Netscape doesn't have that I incorporated into the page. (Why can't they all be the same?)

This is a fan page, and isn't supposed to be perfect, thanks :) I do my best, though. And so, if there are broken links and other such stuff, please be kind and tell me? I'm lazy and don't always check my work.