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Mamotte Syugogetten
Manga 7, chapter 40

Words in (brackets) are little things the character says, either not 
in the main balloon, or handwritten.
Words in  are the occasional note from me about what's 
going on.

Translated by Michiru with MUCHO help from Setsuna who's now lived 
in Japan for 3 years and emails via the cell phone she has that can 
email up to 500 characters (go technology!  Yeah!)
Thanks to Galen for sending scans of the chapter :) Arigatou 

page 86-87

Kiryuu: Ban'nanchiten Kiryuu
Shaorin: I knew it :)
Kiryuu:  Well done, Master, calling this one out.  To you, my 
Master, I who rule growth of all things on earth, I give 
insurmountable difficulties of Heaven and Earth.

Page 88-89

Kiryuu:	I have come to give you trial.
Tasuke: 	Not long ago, you gave me the fan as a gift...
	Oh, Dad, what kind of grudge do you have against me?

Splash: Chapter 40 - Ban'nanchiten turned up! (the sequel)

Page 90-91

Because of the trivial nature of the following material, please 
allow for its omission.

He says...

In china I have made the acquaintance of Chonfaa-san.  This 
Buddha statue he gave me is such a flawed piece that I'd use 
it for garden fertilizer!
Because father's a traveler it's of no use to him to have a 
garden, so you'd better do it, Tasuke.

Ruan:	Chonfaa-san said it would make good fertilizer?  
        (Yay, Ta-sama!)
Tasuke:	Buy whyyyyyyyyyy?

He said the fan is a mysterious door that can only be opened 
by an inexperienced person.

Tasuke:	Direct!  Write direct! (Here is the main question, huh?)
Ruan:	(Oh, no, your father is mischievous! :)
Kiryuu:	Master, honestly accept the trial.
Tasuke:	Uhh..  Well, no, not for the moment.  Wait a moment... 
a detailed self-introduction?
Kiryuu:	....
	It's a test. You can look it up yourself.
Shaorin:	Kiryuu-san
Tasuke:	Eeeehhhh....

page 92-93

Shaorin: Umm, Tasuke-sama, this person, Ban'nanchiten Kiryuu-san 
	is the spirit of the earth.
	Shitenrin and Kokutentou are alike.  Called Tanteisen, 
	is called from the fan.
	I protect the master, like Ruan gives happiness.  
	Kiryuu-san's role to her master is to "give trial".
Tasuke:	Give trial...?
Kiryuu:	........
	All Creation.  Rebellion. (things go nuts)
	Trial Endured.

page 94-95

Tasuke:	O-Ok, I see.  For some reason, this is Kiryuu's ability. 
	(Bigger and smaller?)
Kiryuu:	Rebellion. 
Shaorin:	T-Tasuke-sama?
Ruan:	(M-my rice cracker )
Tasuke:	Trial has happened.
Kiryuu:	..........
Shaorin:	Are you ok?
Ruan:	I'm not gonna forgive you. What did you do to my rice...
	um, I mean, to Ta-sama!"

Page 96-97

Tasuke:	STOP IT!!!
Ruan:	........
Kiryuu:	All creation... Rebellion.

Page 98-99

Shaorin:Look out Tasuke-sama!!!
Ruan:	Ta-sama!
Tasuke:	......

Page 100-101

Shaorin:I'm ok.
	I just breathed in a bit.
Kiryuu:	Shao dono, with the trial, doing excessive things like
	this is unnecessary.
Tasuke: You're irresponsible!
	What ever I was doing when I called you out, I don't 
	care when it involves Shao.

Page 102-103

Kiryuu:	Shao-dono interfered excessively.  It doesn't involve 
	you liking me. 
Ruan: 	Hey you!
Tasuke:	Stop it, Ruan.
Ruan:	(What for?)
Tasuke:	Kiryuu.
Because of your role, you're not accustomed to one in relationships.  
	It makes you being here impossible.

Page 104-105

Kiryuu:	I understand.
Kiryuu:	For now, I'll return into the fan again.  
	I will wait to come out and meet my master.
Tasuke:	Hm?

Page 106-107

Shaorin:We are called forth by our master.
	We live for our master.
	Our role is to stand only by our master.
	It is the reason we're here.
	When our master feels we aren't needed, we must return.
	But Tasuke-sama...
	In the darkness.
	We wait until the master calls.
	Always in the darkness.
	Until the day when they appear and we're given a reason to live.
	So, with this

Page 108-109

Shaorin:for now she is within the fan, waiting to meet her master.
Tasuke:	Shao, what would you like...
Shaorin:Kiryuu-san... I think she's gentle.  She's mostly talk.  
	Even you see that.
Tasuke:	To tell the truth, just a bit.
	I regret doing what I did.
	Receiving Kiryuu's trial... so that someday I can surpass it.  
	I can be a man who can rescue Shao!

Page 100-111

Kiryuu:	Master
	There wouldn't have been trouble if not for me.
Tasuke:	I've thought it over.
	I'm sorry for a little while ago.
	This guy says he thinks he can stand up to Ban'nanchiten's 

Page 112-113

Tasuke:	All right!!

In this way one more freeloader joined the pad.
As for me, it's getting more strange everyday.
Perhaps... I'm not wrong.

How are you?

Some days ago father sent that... fan
Darn it.
Very useful.

Tasuke:	Hey!!!