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These are my Kiryuu Winamp Skins.
The images were scanned by me with a CanoScan FB630Ui.
The images were edited by me with JASC Paint Shop Pro 6.02 registered version.
The cursors were created by me with Microangelo Studio.

For those using an older version of Winamp, you need to download the .wsz file to disk, change the extension to .zip, and unzip it into a folder you create under the winamp\skins folder.

For those using a newer version of Winamp, just click the file name. It will download, and Winamp will automatically put it where it can access it, and will open the program so you can view it.

This was the third skin I ever made. The picture is from the cover of the 11th manga, and was touched up before I began. The minibrowser and AVS window are also complete. All the regular buttons are there, so if you know where to click, they're usable. I might touch this one up in the future...